Emma's Column

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Building a Bridge to the Future on the Stones of Kahikinui From the overcast skies, a steady wind whips across the southern coast of Maui, beating down parched grasses and shrubs. Unmoved are the outcroppings of a`a lava, nearly as … Continued

Board Talk

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Sugar Cove Quibbles Over Quality of Sand Sugar Cove’s efforts to protect the shoreline should be commended, Land Division planner Sam Lemmo told the Board of Land and Natural Resources at its January 11 meeting. But their approach needs some … Continued

Saving the Jewels of the Trees

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Inside in a small room on the campus of the University of Hawai`i at Manoa, three miniature mountain rain forests are in full production: Every eight hours it rains for about three minutes, day and night alternate every twelve hours, … Continued