Full Court Press

Unfinished townhouses at the Villages of ‘Aina Le‘a.

Work may be stalled at the 1,000-acre site where the Villages of ‘Aina Le‘a is to be built. But when it comes to legal action, whoa, Nellie!

No fewer than four cases are ongoing at the moment. Two before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals grew out of the Land Use Commission’s vote in 2011 to revert the land to the state Agricultural district.

Meanwhile, in federal bankruptcy court in Honolulu, ‘Aina Le‘a, Inc., is hoping to win over its secured creditors to its reorganization plan. A hearing on that plan is set for later this month.

Finally, in what seems to be a Hail Mary pass, the unsecured creditors and ‘Aina Le‘a itself have teamed up in an attempt to reopen a case in state court that was subject to a final, unappealed judgment six years ago.


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