Harboring Trouble

Work at Honokohau boat yard. Credit: GKM

When the Board of Land and Natural Resources converted a long-standing revocable permit for land at Honokohau Harbor to a long-term lease, it had the best of intentions, responding to widespread calls to eliminate the practice of month-to-month occupancy in favor of more stable, lucrative leases.

But good intentions don’t always yield good outcomes. In the case of this particular conversion, all parties involved – the former tenant, the current tenant, and the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation – have divergent sets of facts to offer in explaining how things went south.

The state’s abatement of lease rent to the tune of more than $400,000 may solve a few of the issues surrounding this contentious lease. But if the goal is to have a stable, responsible party occupying valuable state land, well, the jury is still out on that.


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