Paradise Lost

Responders work to salvage the Pacific Paradise, which grounded off Kaimana Beach, O‘ahu, in late 2017.

Nearly two years after the Pacific Paradise ran aground just off Waikiki Beach, the federal government is coming after its owners for recovery of costs incurred in dislodging the burned hulk off the reef and into deep water, where it was sunk.

But what of the damages sustained to the state’s resources?

As it turns out, the vessel owners and state attorneys quietly settled the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ claim of more than $300,000 for about twelve cents on the dollar. Not included in this are response costs borne by other state and city agencies.

Maybe that settlement was the best that could be done under the circumstances. But if that is the best, then the framework under which the lucrative longline fishing industry is allowed to operate in Hawai‘i needs to be changed.


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