Smokin’ Hot Litigation

A chart produced by Exxon Research and Engineering Company more than 30 years ago: Range of Global Mean Temperature From 1850 to the Present with the Projected Instantaneous Climatic Response to Increasing CO2 Concentrations

Two decades ago, Big Tobacco began to be held accountable for decades of deliberately deceiving the public about the health effects of its products. Now, as a result of massive litigation, it’s paying out billions of dollars to atone for its lies.

Turns out, the same playbook and many of the same players were employed by Big Oil – which, just like Big Tobacco, had full knowledge of the devastating impacts the burning of its product, fossil fuels, would have on the Earth’s environment.

Will it be held to account in the same way as tobacco companies have been? As those attending a conference in Honolulu last month learned, a movement is afoot to force oil companies to help defray the billions and billions of dollars it will take to deal with rising seas and other effects of a changing climate.