Hot Spot at Honokohau

Hotspots welding and fabrication shop at Honokohau boat storage yard.
Credit: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

The welding company that has operated for years at the Honokohau small boat harbor, on the Kona side of the Big Island, is there no more, and therein lies a tale: of broken promises, of personal feuds and grudges, of partners falling out. And, not least, of a state agency charged with managing the site that either did not know what was going on – a case of negligence, to put the best face on it – or knew and did not care enough to set things right.

Teresa Dawson’s deep dive into l’affaire Hotspots shines a much needed light on just a few of the problems that have dogged the state Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation for years.

And that’s not the only agency that demands a hard look from its overseers. As other articles in this issue show, the Department of Transportation’s award of direct leases to so-called fixed-base operators raises serious questions about this practice.


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