The PUC’s Fuelish Decision

Time and again, the Public Utilities Commission has seemingly thumbed its nose at the law requiring it to consider the impact its regulated industries have on greenhouse gas emissions when deciding to approve power purchase agreements and rate hikes.

And now, time and again, the Supreme Court is knocking back those decisions. The most recent case involves the PUC’s approval of The Gas Company’s rate hike request that would let it recover costs associated with infrastructure allowing imports of liquefied natural gas, among other things.

This remand, the subject of our cover piece, comes in addition to another one, involving the power purchase agreement between Hawaiian Electric and Hu Honua. An update to that one is reported on our New & Noteworthy page.


Kaneohe Yacht Club Keeps Permit, For Now

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The Department of Land and Natural Resources is still trying to figure out what to do with the revocable permit that the Kaneohe Yacht Club in Windawrd Oahu has held since 1977.  The... READ MORE