‘This is `Opala’ and Other Bloopers

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• “… the triangular island’s southern half…” (p. 3). Was Walters really on the Big Island at all? In what geometric system is it triangular? (A Big Island map does appear as an illustration on page 9 of the book, … Continued

Of Red Herrings and Black Birds

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The work is freighted with embarrassingly overwrought prose (“unfurling fronds of fern … green vessels of vegetal life”), sappy reflections (“What unexpected twists and turns of endangered species conservation this journey has taken, I later muse. A library in Philadelphia, … Continued

Board Talk

Up to 10 Galapagos Sharks May Be Culled To Protect Seal Pups at Northwestern Shoals Galapagos sharks began preying on still-nursing monk seal pups at French Frigate Shoals only within the last decade, according to monk seal expert George “Bud” … Continued