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No Permits for Vacation Rentals in Conservation District To young Leah Suesen, the thought of her hometown becoming a “horizontal hotel” scares her. Suesen, one of more than 100 Ha`ena residents opposed to the proliferation of vacation rentals there, asked … Continued

Hawai`i Energy Facts

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1. Ranking of residents of Hawai`i among all U.S. states in per-capita emissions of carbon dioxide in 2003: 32nd 2. Per-capita annual carbon dioxide emissions for Hawai`i for that same year: 17.78 tons 3. Ranking of Hawai`i in 2003 among … Continued

New Fuels, New Problems — Even For Renewables

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In the search for alternatives to fossil fuels, Hawai`i has looked to a wide range of renewable energy sources, including geothermal, wind power, solar generating systems and solar water-heaters, hydroelectric power, wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion, biofuels (ethanol and … Continued

A 12-Step Program to Overcome Oil Addiction

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Act 234 itemizes 12 separate areas of concern or charges that the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Task Force is to report on in the work plan deliverable to the Legislature before December 1, 2009. They are: Consultation with all state … Continued

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