Science Faction

Band-rumped storm petrel.

Summertime is science time in Hawai`i. The Hawai`i Conservation Conference is a three-ring circus with high production value usually held at the Hawai`i Convention Center in Honolulu.

Less publicized, wonkier, more informal – and older – is the  Hawaiian Ecosystems meeting, launched by Honolulu native Peter Vitousek of Stanford University. Our cover story highlights just a few of the presentations made there in late June that advance our understanding of Hawai`i’s precious natural resources and the threats they face.

Also in this issue: a look at the appellate court decision in a case involving a proposed residential subdivision in an `ohi`a forest on the Big Island; a synopsis of the few environmental bills that crossed the legislative finish line; and our regular report on recent actions of the Board of Land and Natural Resources.



Bigeye Tuna ‘Closure’ Imminent

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The Hawai`i longline fleet is expected to hit its limit of 3,138 metric tons of bigeye tuna in the Western Pacific by September 1. On that date, the fishery will be closed, according... READ MORE