Pied Pipers With Poison

Red-footed booby chick on Lehua island. Credit: Island Conservation
Red-footed booby chick on Lehua island. Credit: Island Conservation


As the residents of Hamelin well knew, rats are a scourge and their removal can exact a high price.

In the case of Lehua island, non-native rats have established a beachhead and threaten the rare species of plants and animals there, but is the potential price of their eradication too high?

As this month’s cover explains, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, charged with protecting wildlife, says no. Whether the state Department of Agriculture, which regulates the use of rodenticides and other pesticides, agrees remains to be seen.

Also in this issue, we look at the most recent developments in the troubled ‘Aina Le‘a project on the Big Island, a decision on the Keauhou aquifer petition, and the final testimony in the Thirty Meter Telescope contested case hearing.


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