Blown Off Course

When a tiny ‘ope‘ape‘a flies into — or even too close to — the huge blade of a wind turbine, it’s really no contest. And that’s why a firm that plans to build nine or more wind turbines on O‘ahu’s North Shore has to come up with a proposal to reduce harm to the endangered Hawaiian hoary bat.

But a hearing officer in a contested case over the sufficiency of the wind farm’s proposal has found it sorely lacking in measures that would result in protections for the species.

Also in this issue:

• The most recent developments in the complicated – to put it mildly – efforts of Scott Watson and his partner to build a house along the Pepe‘ekeo shoreline;

• Our regular wrap-up of Land Board actions;

• The Public Utilities Commission’s rebuke of the Hawai‘i Green Energy Infrastructure Authority.


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