Sitting Ducks – Or Guinea Pigs?


A Laysan duck and albatross on Midway.

The plan to eradicate “vampire” mice preying on Midway albatross has received near-universal praise. Yet all but ignored in the planning process is the impact that the poisoning of mice will have on the most endangered of all species on the atoll: the Laysan duck. Our cover article digs deep into the dilemmas raised in the scenarios anticipated in the draft environmental assessment for the project.

Among the several points raised in comments submitted on the draft EA is the notion that the step-wise release of captured ducks following application of the rodenticide risks using them as, well, guinea pigs to see if an “all-clear” can be issued for further releases.

Also in this issue: litigation centered on the long-stalled ‘Aina Le‘a development in Kohala has resulted in some surprising outcomes; efforts to protect false killer whales run up against the longliners’ hardened stance against them; and Honolulu municipal agencies face daunting problems in confronting the challenges of climate change.


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