A Pyrrhic Victory For HECO?

It isn’t hard to imagine that the halls of Hawaiian Electric’s Honolulu headquarters resounded with the sounds of champagne corks popping on the afternoon of October 12, the day when the Public Utilities Commission killed the Net Energy Metering program.

HECO had tried to slay the program on its own by forcing would-be solar panel owners and installers to jump a series of ever higher screening hurdles over the last couple of years. Now, though, it’s official: NEM is dead. Long live – the self-supply option? The grid-supply option?

No catchy acronym has been crafted yet for the new regime, but as our cover story suggests, there’s a better-than-nil chance that the PUC decision has laid the foundation for a new structure that actually exacerbates the social inequities that can accompany distributed energy generation and pushes the burden of grid support onto a diminishing customer base.



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