Stranger than Fiction:

The Waikoloa Saga


The cast of characters is like something out of a spy thriller. A landowner
in jail in Moscow, accused of bilking a former business partner out of millions. A prior associate threatening mayhem to an attorney representing a creditor in federal bankruptcy court. A hardware store owner in rural Minnesota. Land sales that, to say the least, are in desperate need of explanation.

If you read it in a novel, it would strain credulity. But the recent developments surrounding a proposed residential subdivision near Waikoloa Village are all true.

And, despite the fact that time seems to have run out for compliance with conditions of development set by state and county agencies, it’s not likely that the story will end anytime soon. Stay tuned.


Land Board Green Lights Na Pua Makani Wind Farm

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Departing from its hearing officer’s recommendations, the Board of Land and Natural Resources has voted to approve a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and Incidental Take License (ITL) for the proposed 25-megawatt Na Pua... READ MORE