Growing Pains

Some of the encroachments on former Dole Foods lands
purchased by the Agribusiness Development Corporation in 2015.

When the state committed to saving ag lands in Central O‘ahu, few had any inkling that the prospect would cost so much or take so long for farmers to start making the land productive.

But, as articles this month show, the agency charged with purchasing and peopling the land has little to show for its efforts. Little, that is, besides a slew of unanticipated problems that beggar an easy fix.

Language. Undercapitalization. Sanitation. Irrigation. But also trespassers, homeless camps, illicit drug use and prostitution – no one imagined the Agribusiness Development Corporation would need to deal with all this and more.

But most puzzling of all is the profligacy with which the ADC has spent public funds buying many of these lands, for full asking price and above appraised value.

It’s too late to negotiate for a lower price, but going forward, it may be appropriate to bring the ADC under the roof of the state’s procurement laws.


Cert Denied!

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