Wipeout at Palau‘ea Beach

Palauaea Beach

As one of the richest men in the world, Douglas Leone may be accustomed to getting his way. But as we report in our cover story this month, a Maui jury bucked his efforts to sue the county when it turned down a half-hearted effort to apply for a permit to build a house along Palau‘ea Beach, near Makena.

And the Hawai‘i Supreme Court upheld the jury’s verdict as well as its award of more than $40,000 in court costs to the county.

All in all, the high court’s decision is a vindication of the county’s rights to regulate in the increasingly vulnerable, and increasingly valuable, lands along Hawai‘i’s public shorelines. Coming on the heels of the court’s strong ruling in the aquarium collection case, the justices’ rulings are a one-two punch in support of the state’s laws protecting the environment and coasts.

Also in this issue, we provide an update on Kaua`i shoreline issues we reported on in last month’s issue, as well as on the state’s aquarium collecting permit case and the GEMS program. We also report on some of the latest actions of the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council, and state Board of Land and Natural Resources.


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