JULY 2015

A Fishing Derby 

– For Bigeye

image10_01_medAs longline fishers find themselves up against a shrinking quota, and with ever more vessels in the longline fleet, the Hawai`i fishery for prized bigeye tuna is taking on all the hallmarks of a derby.

And that’s not a good thing.

In the race to catch as many fish as possible, as soon as possible, fishers are hurt as prices over the short-term crash. Both fishers and customers face the prospect of scarcity after the quota is hit.

Most of all, the resource itself – bigeye tuna – suffers increased harm. Already overfished, the likelihood that its population will rebound grows dimmer with each day Honolulu’s fleet lands 20 tons of the prized fish at the Pier 38 auction. But hey, it’s good while it lasts, no?



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