As the Crow Flies


A pair of endangered Hawaiian crows, or ‘alala, at Pu‘u Maka‘ala on Hawai‘i island in 2017. Credit: San Diego Zoo Global

Is the third time the charm?

From recent reports, it would appear so. The first two tries at reintroducing the ‘alala, or Hawaiian crow, into the wild were, sadly, unsuccessful. Predation by ‘io, the Hawaiian hawk, and disease sank the two previous efforts.

But this time, the 11 captive-reared birds released into the Pu‘u Maka‘ala Natural Area Reserve a year ago appear to be adjusting to their new environs well. The Department of Land and Natural Resources even reported that all seem to have survived just fine the deluge that hit eastern Hawai‘i island last month.

Our cover article looks at the preparations that made this possible.

Also in this issue: The mysterious case of the disappearing affordable homes in Hawai‘i County, more from the Conservation Conference, an update on the Kahala Hilton’s use of a public beach, plans for Malaekahana, and good news for bigeye tuna.


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