Positions Unfilled, Funds Unspent at DLNR

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Stand in the halls of the Kalanimoku Building in downtown Honolulu long enough, and you’re bound to overhear staffers with the Department of Land and Natural Resources complain over the lack of money or personnel that prevents them from carrying … Continued

Five Foes of the Hawaiian Rain Forests

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The invasive plants called out for special attention in the Carnegie Airborne Observatory surveys are among the most destructive of all forest invaders in Hawai`i. What follows is a short thumbnail sketch of each of them: Kahili Ginger, Hedychium gardnerianum … Continued

New & Noteworthy

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Little Ant, Big Problem: It’s only a sixteenth of an inch long, but don’t underestimate the punch it packs. The little fire ant (Wasmannia auropunctata) was first found on the Big Island in 1999. Although a quarantine was placed on … Continued