Mahalo! We Are Grateful for Your Gifts

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As the new year opens, we want to take a moment to thank our many friends who have contributed financially to the health of our small organization in recent months. Your gifts, you should know, can be measured by more than just a dollar sign. Every donation is also for us a vote of confidence in our work and a tangible manifestation of your appreciation for what we do.

To those listed below we extend our most sincere gratitude.


Doug Adams and Debra Lewis

Karen Ah Mai

Alika Anixt


Eve Anderson

Steve Anthony

David Au

John and Maile Bay

Juliet Begley

Bill Healy Foundation

Barbara Black

Susan Blumstein

Vickie Caraway

George Cattermole

Deborah Chang

Hank Chapin

Carla Christensen and Tom Mader

Ray Clarke

Sara Collins and Craig Howes

Sheila Conant

Conservation Council for Hawai`i

Ian and Janet Cooke

Orlando Davidson

Gavan Daws

Robert and Linda Dawson

Teresa Dawson

Lucienne DeNaie

William and Donna Devick

Eleanor Drey

David Duffy

Ruby Edwards

Marjorie and Duane Erway

Don and Jean Evans

Mary Evanson

Kathy and Jack Ewel

Foodland Supermarkets

Forest Solutions

Gloria Fraiola

George Fry III and Mary Vandamme

Rick Gaffney

Betsy Gagne

Guido Giacometti and Susan Tius

Cynee Gillette-Wenner

Chuck Giuli and Laurie Carlson

James Glynn

Dan Gruner

Mike and Carolyn Hadfield

Isaac and Dana Naone Hall

Lea Hong

Ed Johnston and Helen Rogers

Diana and Keith Keffer

Randy Kennedy

Baine Kerr and Cindy Carlisle

Amy Kimura

Robert Kinzie

Mary Lou Kobayashi

Ken and Patty Kupchak

David Lassner

Henry Lawrence

Reese Liggett

Creighton Litton

Robin Loomis

Thomas Loudat

Donna Lum

Downey Manoukian

Martha Martin

Creighton and Cathy Mattoon

Holly McEldowney

Jeff Melrose

Paula and William Merwin

Ruth Moser

Ralston Nagata

Susan and Roy O’Connor

Mae Oda and Mike Sullivan

Gail Okata

Steve and Cristine Olive

Joan Packer

Liba Pejchar

Gordon Pickering

Thane and Linda Pratt

Leilani Pyle

Nancy Redfeather

Ursula and Robert Retherford

Shaunagh Robbins

Kayla Rosenfeld
Gordon Russell

Linda Sciaroni

Beppie Shapiro

Mark Sheehan

Diane Shepherd

Jonathan Starr and Helen Nielsen

Don Swanson and Barbara White

Laura Thompson


Mabel Trafford and Steve Miller

Transfer Case Express

Patricia Tummons and Don Hall

Phyllis Turnbull

Curtis Tyler

Melody Ann Watral

David Wegner and Nancy Jacques

Western Union Foundation

Chipper and Hau`oli Wichman

Alan Young

William Yuen

Deborah Zabarenko