Environmental Council Goes on Strike

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(Posted 8/24/09) The state Environmental Council has had it with the Lingle administration’s lack of support. In a letter August 17 to deputy director of Health Laurence Lau, council chairman Gail Grabowsky announced that the council would not be meeting … Continued

Yellow Light on Biofuels

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(Posted 1/14/08) The nation’s premier professional association for ecologists, the Ecological Society of America, has weighed in with a statement on biofuels that urges policy-makers and planners to go slow in converting lands to biofuel crops. “Supplying the emerging biofuels industry … Continued

DBCP and Dole, 30 Years Later

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(Posted 11/1/07) Dibromochloropropane, a nasty pesticide that continues to lurk in Hawai`i’s aquifers long after the pineapple fields have gone fallow, was used throughout Central America as well – and with consequences equally disastrous. In November, a Los Angeles jury … Continued

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