EDITORIAL: The Po‘ouli: R.I.P.

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When a later generation writes the history of extinctions in Hawai‘i, November 26, 2004, will probably be carved on the tombstone of the po‘ouli. Shortly before midnight on that date, the aged male bird that had been brought into captivity … Continued


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Seawalls: No One Wins the Waiting Game In ‘Ewa Beach, owners of two properties have held out against legal demands that their seawalls, built without permits more than 20 years ago, be removed. This despite unambiguous rulings by the Honolulu … Continued


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Righting Wrongs: Land Board Should Reverse Its Clear Error Last year, the Department of Land and Natural Resources celebrated the Year of the Hawaiian Forest, honoring the efforts of those visionaries whose efforts a century ago won passage of a … Continued

From the Editor's Guest

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Disappearing Act: The Incredible Shrinking Fines at the DOH Time and again, newspaper headlines in Hawai’i scream out the apparently high fines the state Department of Health proposes for any and all who fail to toe the line when it … Continued


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<b.Hawai'i Can't Afford Cuts to the DLNR's Budget There’s no money.” It’s an excuse as old as the hills and as common as it is ancient. But when it comes to managing Hawai’i’s precious natural resources – its irreplaceable and … Continued


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Hawai’i Can Wait No Longer to Protect Vanishing Near-Shore Resources The near-shore news is not good. More fishers, with ever more efficient gear, means just one thing: fewer fish. As a whole, fishers are slow to accept the blame, pointing … Continued

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