July 2014: Judgment Days

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In this issue – the first in our 25th year of publishing! – we review cases of recent environmental litigation. Our cover story discusses the critically important decision of a federal judge in a case involving the discharge of wastewater … Continued

June 2014: Foreign Arrivals Are Up!

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The same phrase that gladdens the heart of the visitor industry arouses dread in the hearts of the officials charged with keeping Hawai`i’s environment and important crops safe from marauding invaders. Consider: The coconut rhinocerous beetle. This native of India … Continued

May 2014: When Gordon Gekko Meets Charlie Tuna

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Greed is good. That, anyway, was the mantra of the Wall Street anti-hero. But it serves just as well the owners of the Hawai`i longline fishing fleet and their personal civil servant, Kitty Simonds. Not content to accept the miserly … Continued

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